Ristar Kyalami

Corporate Telecommunications l Office Automation & Print Solutions l Interactive White-boards & More!

Why choose us?

Ristar Kyalami has a dedicated team determined to be the contradiction to the industry

and deliver quality products at a good price with world class service to support it.


We offer a full user requirement analysis to establish client needs and put forward the best solution.


Implementation schedule for project roll out.


On-site installation, training and maintenance across the product range.


A Telkom liaison department insuring that any faults of issues can be dealt with immediately without the client having to go into a Telkom store or spending precious time on the phone.


We offer service guarantee letters, if a fault is reported to our office we guarantee that the fault will be resolved in 24 working hours.


Ristar Kyalami

42 Monte Carlo Crescent


Kyalami Business Park, Kyalami