What happens when a customer has a Telkom issue? Does Ristar assume full responsibilty?

Ristar Kyalami offers a Telkom liason service, we undertake to facilitate all Telkom issues eliminating the inconvenience for our clients.


Some say the staff of Ristar posses super powers however we are not able to control Telkoms inner workings

and therefor cannot take responsibility.


How will I benefit from using your telecoms consulting firm?

Ristar Kylami has a new age team of trained system analysts as well as a large product range which means customers enjoy an unparalleled level of service and personal care as well as a solution customized specifically to their business.


How long will it take to see an actual decrease in bill rates after the implementation of your service?

As soon as 1 month after implementation.


What makes you different from other telecommunication companies?

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service experience to our clients. Customers are categorized to different staff members within in the company resulting in specific client attention and no over exposure when dealing with a large base.


When changing to a VoIP platform is it possible to keep my current phone number?

Let your number follow you allows customers to keep there current land line number even if your business has to move premises.

Moving to Durban? Let your current number follow you.


How long is the process of instillation and when will I successfully be able to put it to use?

Once the deal has been concluded clients will be notified of the project roll out and dates. Due to overseas suppliers delivery can take up to 6 weeks however we strive to have clients up and running 3-5 days after contract signing.


What are the terms and conditions when opening a contract with your company?

Please see terms and conditions (Hyper link to page)


Is it compulsory take a five year contract or do you have other options to choose from?

We offer a range of contract and purchase options. Contract terms range from 12 to 60 month options.


What guarantee do I (the client) have that the VOIP solution will definitely reduce my cost, each and every month from the day of installation?

Ristar Kyalami will guarantee your savings in writing.


If I have a VOIP system, and my Telkom lines are down, is there still a possibility that I can continue to call out and receive calls?

Ristar Kyalami offers a unique 3G back up facility on all VoIP installations meaning clients can still make and receive calls even if Telkom infrastructure is down.


Do I have to change my PABX if I want VoIP?

We offer easy to fit VoIP equipmenty that will work with any brand and make of PABX.


What is our SLA?

(Hyperlink to SLA)


What is our BBBEE status?

Level 4 ( Download certificate)


If a product is bought cash is there still a service agreement?

Yes, regardless of the purchase option clients will enjoy the superior service Ristar Kyalami offers.


What if we are not sure what we need?

Ristar Kyalami has a new age trained team of system analysts that will asses your current requirements

and put forward a specific solution for your company.


What is your Service Departments response time to a call logged?

As customers are catorgarized to specific staff your service call is logged immediately and allocated to a area specific technician.


How do you handle the problems between Telkom lines & switchboard programming?

Ristar kyalami undertakes to facilitate all Telkom dealings and if need be arrange and on-site inspection

between Ristar and Telkom technicians


What level of service service gaurentee do I have once I have signed all of the contracts?

Ristar Kyalami offers a unique SLA (Hyperlink)


What is the process I would go through if there was any damage on my system from natural causes such as lightening?

Your assigned systems analyst will facilitate the repair or replacement of equipment as well as insurance liaison.


Do we have to outlay additional money for the installation of the solution?

All quotes include installation.


Do you have management systems available to monitor the calls and prints made from our business?

We offer a range of costs recovery and monitoring options (Hyperlink Peripherals)


How long will installation take? Is there any down time?

Installation times are project specific however Ristar Kyalami strives to have all products installed 3-5 days after purchase.


Is there any way that I can see how the system works?

Ristar Kyalami offers project specific POC on all products. Enquire with your systems analysts (Hyperlink enquiry form)


What happens if I need to add additional extensions or lines after I have purchased the system?

Your assigned systems analyst will facilitate in quoting and installation of any additional required equipment or services.



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