Voice over internet protocal (VoIP)  is a technology that allows us to make voice communications via a computer network like the internet.

VoIP is not uncommon to the telecommunications industry but has always raised questions regarding quality and reliability.

Ristar made it priority to source and provide a dependable cost effective calling platform to all its customers.

Ristar Kyalami is proud to have partnered with one of the biggest VoIP companies in South Africa Nashua Communications ECN.

Ristar customers enjoy good quality least cost routing in turn saving companies money as well as offering them a back up to the often volatile Telkom infrastructure. Ristar Kyalami realizes that keeping communications working is paramount for business operations

that’s is why we offer up to three tiers of redundancy on all Voip installations Ristar Kyalami can provide an “always live” communications platform at up to 35% less than the regular land line rates.

Ristar Kyalami

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